Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Calvin, Camri, Kylee, & Coby

These cute kids are cousins and are all getting baptized on the same day. The gorgeous twins Camri and Kylee are not easy to tell apart, during the shoot i didn't know which one was which.
These are the two invitations that I designed for them to send out. Kinda fun!

What a stud!

Look at those eyes, watch out Kim your in trouble!

Kylee or Camri?
Camri or Kylee? I'm not really sure!

This is Calvin's little brother Coby, isn't he just a little model.


Chanté said...

You created the invitation as well? Super Super cute.

Shannon said...

Those turned out great!! Thanks... how fun and beautiful those pics of the twins turned out. As usual your the best!!

Alicia Bunderson said...

They are so cute. Cute announcement!

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