Friday, February 8, 2008


Okay, Mindy is officially "one hot mama". She is the mom of a girl who babysits my kids every week for me. Get this, she has 4 girls and the oldest is 16, maybe almost 17, and her youngest is 7, (I think). They all love my kids and are so good with them. Anyway, she's 5 months pregnant here with BOY TWINS! The girls are so excited and these boys are going to be spoiled like crazy. It's really not fair at how good she looks for having 4 kids already and having two in there. I can't wait until the boys are here to do shots of the twins. Mindy I hope you like them, you are absolutely gorgeous! She could be a maternity model!

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Marianne said...

wow, those are amazing. i don't even look that fit and great and i'm not 9 months pregnant or whatever she is. the pictures are so fantastic. seriously you have such great talent. my next trip i'm stalking you and your new studio. :) the lighting is perfect

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