Thursday, May 22, 2008

My sweet boy is 1!

So I know that Beau will never forgive me when he's a teenager and see's these pictures but I couldn't resist. He was just too stinkin' cute so there's a few here. I can't believe that he is already ONE! This past year has gone by so fast, he's walking, jabbering, and starting to fight back to his big sister. He's such a happy boy!

His "little" belly. It's so cute when he walks he doesn't bend his legs and his belly pokes out so he walks like a penguin. I love it!
Fruit snacks make for great entertainment.

Baby blues!

Don't you just want to pinch those "cheeks"!
I'm sure you can figure out what he found...


Alicia Bunderson said...

Those are so cute!!

sara b said...

You've got a cute little man Amanda. . .I love the "cowboy" shots. I too did not realize our boys were so close in age. . .fun!

Chanté said...

LOLOL....those are daaarling. Oh my gosh...I'm just cracking up. Too cute.

lramey said...

oh my gosh those are stinkin hilarious and ADORABLE!!!!!!!

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