Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trevor & Tristan have arrived!

So here they are the long awaited twins of the mommy that we've all watched grow. It was a long shoot. One was awake and the other was asleep, they peed, pooped, spit up, you name it, it happened. Thank goodness for wet wipes!
But in the end it was all worth it because look at these two little sleeping angels. I guess when they fuss for 3 hours the last 1/2 hour they're so worn out that you can almost do anything you want with them. I mean it took 3 hours to get some of these precious shots that took 1 minute to take. We ended up with so many good ones awake, asleep, with mommy, daddy, and their 4 sisters.

Oh ya, these two weren't tiny either, Trevor was 8 lbs. and Tristan was 6 lbs. ??oz. at birth. They are are almost a month old and Trevor's up to 10 lbs. and I think Tristan is up to 8 almost 9 lbs. Crazy! Of course they are super spoiled with 4 beautiful older sisters that love to take care of them and brag about them. Lucky boys, and lucky parents to have all that help, that's the way to have twins, when you have the live in help.


Amy said...

I love your work. I've been admiring for awhile and just wanted to say you do a great job. And Jarom & I would love for you to do some family pictures of us and some of Jacob when he turns 2 in August.

Candy said...

OH my goodness...the sweetest thing ever! You took great photos and the three hours of screaming and pooping were definitely worth it. Wow, they are adorable. And those older sisters will help so much!

Jessica May said...


Mrs. B. said...

I love looking at your work and being the proud mom of the photographer. You are not only an amazing photographer but also an amazing mom, wife, and daughter. Love you bunches, Mom

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