Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everyone always tells me that I get the best pictures of my kids and I had to show proof that I don't. These are my two! Bailey didn't get a good nap and woke up ornery and I literally had to force her Halloween costume on her. Beau was super happy until he saw his cousin that had a skeleton mask on and it freaked him out so bad he was shaking. (that's where his eyes are looking, he's watching him to make sure he doesn't come any closer) It didn't take too long or too much candy to get them both happy and enjoying the night.

Crying or not, they are pretty dang cute pirates!!!


The Bryan Family said...

Amanda, how cute were your kids. Sorry we didn't get to see them before we left. I am so glad that you posted some pics of them.

Alicia Bunderson said...

I wasn't able to come over and see them in person...they look so cute!

Chris and Michelle said...

How adorable are they?? What cute little pirates. It's okay that they're not smiling, they're just playing their parts for the night. :)

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