Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Davies family

I had to start with this picture because I love it. He was so ready to be done with our pictures. We had the coldest wind chill ever and they were all such troopers. I was super excited to see that there were so many I love. I was afraid that Angie's hair was going to be all over the place and that the kids noses were going to be bright red. But it all worked out and I love them. Very fun and very cold shoot, but all worth it!


Chanté said...

I loove that first picture. Now I want to take a picture of my daughter pouting and blow it up. So cute! And the shot of the father and son on the swing is gorgeous!

Marianne said...

cthey turned out great. i love the one with the red wall behind htem. so cute. and the one to the left of that one with just the two boys.

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