Monday, February 23, 2009


I think the name Teyha is such a pretty name, especially for such an adorable baby. I love her hair, and her little pouty lips. She didn't want to sleep too much but she was very content while she was awake so it worked out great!

This is 3 generations here, and a great picture of all 3 girls together, all calm and looking at me...
I tell you I'm having a lot of moms coming in with 3 kids all very close to each other. I look up to all of you because I know it's hard work. With my Bailey and Beau being 16 months apart, that's a handful for me.
I so wish that Teyha wasn't crying in the above picture because the two older sisters look so stinkin' adorable! Once again, I always tell everyone I'm willing to try to get a group shots of siblings but I don't make any promises on how they'll turn out, but I still love the above shot.


Cassie Stewart said...

These are some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen! I am Babata's best friend and I am not just saying that they are AWESOME!!! It always helps to have beautiful children too!

Ann Wilkinson said...

i just found you and your work through the Layers website, and i think you are just terrific. these portraits are wonderful, and i love your style.

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