Monday, September 28, 2009

So long to sunny Cali Millers!

This is one of my good friends and her adorable family.  They just decided to take off and move to California.  (well it's for her husband's work), but anyway, I was sad they had to leave Utah.  So before they left we HAD to get some pictures of them with the Utah farmland that they've lived near for the past 6+ years.  

It was a beautiful night and we got way too many good shots.  Basically I didn't get rid of nearly as many as I should have.  So Brandi, you have a ton of pictures.  

This first picture on the right here shows the personalities that Caden and Ashton have.  They are two goofy little boys, making kissy faces when I told their mom and dad to kiss.  You can see see Melise's head running back to her parents she didn't want to sit still for very long for me.


Ashlee Raubach said...

Hi Amanda.. haven't talked to ya in a while.. life is crazy! just thought i'd stop by and say hi! great job on your photography!

Marianne said...

Those are so good. I loved the very last one the best. SO cute. I need to schedule some pics of my one year old and a family shot for cmas. I'm just hoping I can gain a few pounds so my cheeks don't look so hollow ;) let me know when you can book me,maybe in november.. :) miss you.

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