Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering P.J.

We went and visited your grave today.
We had a picnic.

Bailey kissed your picture
the second,
we got there.
(she talks about you A LOT)
Beau eventually did.
Channing slept peacefully in her car seat.

It was nice to visit,
and think about you,
and nothing else.
(except for your crazy sister & brother
that were running all over the place
and taking things off other graves.)

I saw a little boy this morning.
He was SIX.
He had bright blue eyes
blonde hair.

I started to cry.

It made me think about
what you might look like.

I liked it even though I did cry.

I love you P.J.
Daddy and I miss you,
and we can't wait to be with you again.

We just have to figure out how to get through
this game called LIFE,
we have to win,
we WILL win,
so we will be together


Shea said...

What a precious little angel. He's beautiful.

Melanie said...

Very sweet. I'm glad you had a peaceful visit.

7aura7 said...

He is beautiful! I was touched by this poem to your sweet boy. Thank you for sharing something so close to your heart.

Lily said...

You guys are strong people. I love to hear about your little Peyton. Hope you and your baby are well. I'd still love to bring you some of those felt flower headbands for your sweet lil' baby. :)

Shannon said...

Beautiful writing Amanda, I think about sweet little Peyton all of the time, it makes me happy to know Beau will have his big bro. rooting along side him his whole life... (amongst his sisters :)
I sure do love you and Jeremy.

Cassi said...

so sweet. We need to get together! I was just scrolling through your pics of Channing and tearing up thinking of her leaving Peyton and coming to you. Having a newborn feels so close to heaven. Your growing family is beautiful! Do you guys want to come over for dinner sometime?

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