Saturday, July 23, 2011

Willis Family - Utah Family Photographer

So yes it's not a dream, don't rub your eyes, it's true I'm posting. I really do want to post more but to be quite honest my life with my 3 kids just hasn't allowed it much over the past year.

My baby is now 16 months and I can't believe how fast she's grown and how big she is now. (I just did a tiny, little post about her on my family blog that is even more outdated than this, one or two posts before that were her newborn pictures, embarrasing but true and just reality.)

Anyway, this family is great! I did their family pictures a few years ago when their baby was still in momma's tummy. Now again with another "surprise" on the way they decided it was time to update the family pictures before the baby bump started showing on this tiny little mom that is going to have her 6th child!

Way to go Ashley, (and Ethan) you are amazing parents. These kids are all so well behaved and were so much fun to spend the evening with.

I'll be excited to find out what this next baby is and will be even more excited to take pictures of he/she when they get here.

Here's a few of what these two have created!

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