Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mason, Myles, & Maggie

These kids are always dressed so freakin' adorable, there mom's on the same page as me where it's more fun to dress our kids than it is ourselves. But, seriously love the clothes and look at these 3 aren't they just beautiful. They all have there own looks and I love each individual face, and this first shot is to die for...

The one here one the left I had to try out some funky processing on it, I kinda like it, what do you think? With her eyes and those lips, she's gorgeous!


MEREDITH said...

What some cute kids, I love the one with Maggie in her TUTU looking up that is so cute, as well as the 2nd to top one with all three of them, how fun... AUNT MEREDITH:)

Shannon said...

Was this at the Peterson Farm? If so let's do the family there, I love it, and you can get some cute one's of the grandkids!! Those are adorable!

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