Monday, October 27, 2008


Lochlan is the cutest little thing ever! Love the hair, the eyes, his older brothers, and especially his mom who is one of my close friends. Too bad he didn't want to just go to sleep and cooperate for me. Even though he didn't sleep or hold still very long, he did just long enough to get what we needed.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cutest Halloween costumes ever that their mom made for them. All three of them pirates and I'd have to say the cutest pirates ever. (almost the cutest, my Beau is going to be a pirate too and I'm sure it'll be tough competition) But, for real Marianne you never cease to amaze me with your many talents.


Shanna said...

Amanda, These are so cute! What a fun chair. You are so good at photography!

Marianne said...

i love them, the first one made me cry :) soooo sweet. thank you thank you thank you. they are perfect... :)

Carin Davis said...

what a treasure these images are!!! and can i admit my chair is fabulous!!! :)

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