Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Close friends, "trying" to jump in sequence, annual daddy dog pile, random Jerry's burger bus, trying to figure out how to make shadows shorter, and a handsome 8 year old boy who is getting baptized in a couple of weeks.

Julie is one of my good friends who is the best at getting her kids and families pictures taken yearly and sometimes more often. (I'm sure you recognize the kids from previous shoots.) And she gets them printed and hung in no time at all. (I really need to follow her example and get the shots of my kids hung in my house that I took, oh, I think a few months ago. I'm horrible)

Anyway, fun shoot, great family, they're all going to be tall and athletic if they take after both their parents.

I'm so behind on posting so I'm going to try to cut back on the number of pix that I post. We'll see if I can have the self discipline.

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Shannon said...

I need Julie to pick out my families outfits next year, they always look so great. Great job Amanda!

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