Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carter 6 months old

It took a little bit for this little guy to warm up to me. But... once I yelled at him (don't worry it was a sweet and sarcastic yell) he laughed and thought it was super funny. So for the rest of the shoot I was yelling/talking to him in a deep voice. Whatever works! Carter is 6 months old and I love his baby soft skin, his eyes, and of course his little chubby body. I'm so glad his parents brought him in.


Rob & Autum said...

Thanks so much for these precious memories of my little boy!!
I hope you didn't lose your voice "yelling" at Carter. I posted some of the pics on my blog and everyone loves them. They want you to take their pictures now! I'll be sure to direct them to your website.


Candy said...

oh my goodness, I could eat this little guy up! Again, great shots, and he is SO cute!

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