Tuesday, November 25, 2008

News clip!

I've shared our story about our son with many of my clients. There were a few that wanted to see this but weren't able to. I put it on my family blog but also decided to share it on here. If you missed the first story here's the link to the first story that aired a couple of months ago.


Here is the link for the news story about Payton's heart donation for those of you who might've missed it last night. Touching, emotional, and full of two little miracles...


Here are the two Bailey's in my life! (one Bailey with an "i" and the other Baeley with an "e")

One my daughter and one with the heart of an angel! Love them both to pieces and I am so thankful for both of them and the roles they play in my life.


Broderick Photography said...

My name is Jamie, you did my friend Sally's pictures. That is an amazing story. I am sitting on my couch crying because of how wonderful it is that you share this. Peyton was a beautiful boy and your bailey's are beautiful. Your pictures are beautiful!

Marianne said...

Hey girl, it was a beautiful story, CLint and I both cried. I love that you and jeremy are so strong about it all and have such insight that all of us admire and deeply strive to learn from. he IS so beautiful and really is an angel. think of all the people he touched.

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