Friday, November 7, 2008

Who's ready to go shopping???

So about a month ago I had three of the funnest days shooting the winter line for Layers Clothing. I've been meaning on posting some pictures from the shoot before now but I've been so busy it hasn't been on the top of my list of things to do. Now that they have their website updated with their winter line I decided to share some.

There are so many clothes that I love and am going to have to purchase for myself. I love their clothes, the model was gorgeous, the owners (now new friends) were so fun to work with (good thing because we spent 3 full days together) and it was so much fun to do something a little different.

I wish I could put all the pictures on here because they all turned out awesome!!! But just go to their website and you can see most of them. They just moved to a new location just off of 90th South and you can go try everything on. So go check them out!

It's too bad we didn't have a camera crew for this shot. The chicken jumped out of her hands and we were all running around laughing hysterically trying to catch it. Luckily my dad was there and he caught it and put it back for us. He was laughing watching us try to catch this little guy. pretty funny!!!


Chanté said...

How awesome for you! I'm excited to look at their site!

Jana said...

Amanda! Those pictures are awesome!!!!

Shanna said...

Talk about crisp and perfect. Those are truly amazing. Seriously, I have to say this is my favorite yet. Good for you Amanda. Truly... AMAZING!!!!

shelby said...

You are amazing! These are great pictures! I really am so proud of you.

Unknown said...

Absolutely RIDICULOUS!! I love all of them! I'm so glad you had such a fun time taking these, you can totally tell.

It was fun chatting with you the other day and as always, thanks for everything.


Haley Warner said...

These photos are amazing.. really, the lighting, the post processing, everything. I love em. :)

Lance and Sally Sagers said...

So cute Amanda, I totally went and bought a bunch after seeing this.

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