Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring... I'm ready!

I am so ready for warm weather. I love snow, but usually only the first few snows of winter... not in March. After shooting Layers swimsuits and now their new spring tops I am really ready to get out to the pool, get a tan, and give my kids something else to do besides paint, play dough, and building forts with the couch cushions. There are tons, tons, tons, of cute ones. Plus the model of course looked good in every one, which makes me want all of them. They all fit so good, they're not skin tight. Just comfy, simple, yet stylish!

Here's a little preview of what they have!


Lil La said...

These are amazing shots & shirts too! Nice job Amanda! You're the best!!!

The Pratt Pack said...

Super fun & cute!!! Your so talented and I love ya!

Marianne said...

girl amazing. i only expect the best from my talented friend :) i sure do miss ya ;) life is so crazy huh :) i love the layers new line, brandies hooking me up with a swimsuit and some tanks :) wahooo. there stuff is way cute.

Candy said...

you are so flipping amazing! I want all of those tops!

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