Monday, January 4, 2010

Parker and Meegan

Miracles still happen! I'm actually posting a shoot!
Seriously I have 15+ shoots that I haven't blogged. I really want to put up at least a few from each shoot and am hoping I will find the time.

This wedding was so wet and cold but Parker and Meegan were great sports to let me get as many shots as we did! I felt so bad for Meegan's feet. She had the cutest little green shoes on and her toes were wet and freezing. We took a few breaks in between shots to go inside and warm her up! They are a beautiful couple and I loved her colors! Green and gray!!! Check out the bridesmaids dresses and her dress!

This first picture I had fun playing around with. The videographer was getting one of them walking together so while he was working I decided to play a little! I kinda like it!

Aren't these gorgeous dresses! I love how the skirts are all unique in their own way! They are made by my friend Jess at She has made some adorable dresses for my little Bailey that are some of Bailey's favorites. She also made the brides dress too!


Chanté said...

That first picture is amazing. Sooo beautiful.

Megs said...

I have been following your blog for sometime now and I love this shoot. I am an inspired photographer and I have to say that this is your best shoot I have seen so far. I love how your style has changed!

Shannon said...

Where were you when I got married, a hundred years ago?? :) You are incredible! Could you just reenact Casey and I, I am pretty sure I totally still fit in my wedding dress. haha.

Toni said...

love these!!! what great pictures... i wish we lived closer to utah to shoot at the temple!

just wanted to let you know i left a comment on my blog as to where to get the camera straps! thanks for stopping by!


Pedaling said...

full of personality,
beauty, class and

my favorite i think are the skirts.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog and these are stunning. You aren't in texas are you?

Ryne said...

These pictures are dreamy!
Congrats! Its a great Job

Patricia Stevenson said...

I also just recently came across your blog, you are amazing! Love that first photo, what a great idea! I also like the pose with the groom & his men, a group like that can be tricky. Good work!

Mrs Klas said...

I love everything about these photos! Perfection

Mrs Klas said...

I love everything about these photos! Perfection

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