Thursday, August 4, 2011

My "ADOPTED" daughter - Josie! Utah Portrait Photographer

This is my life saver,
my teenager that loves me and hopefully always will,
my "oldest daughter"
my kids favorite playmate & sitter!

This is Josie and some of her friends.
She turned 14 so we decided to do a shoot
with the girls!!!

It was fun, I love this age, so care free and happy!

This day and age is so hard, especially for girls.
So much pressure to be popular,
to be skinny,
to wear all the name brand clothes.
None of that matters.

We are all different, special and unique in our own ways,
that's what makes us who WE are.

We need to own it, own our individuality.
I hope and wish for all of these girls to know they are loved,
to know they are beautiful,
inside and out,
and to know that life is always better with friends,
and being happy with ourselves.

Love you girls and I'll be any of your second mom's anyday!!!


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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, you photos are Beautiful!!
How fun it must be to capture these moments with your daughter & her friends! (I have to boys to totally different here, they do not like to have their pic taken.) :(
I'm going to check out your site... & I am going to sign up to follow you. :)

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